Ze blogger is back

by Dylan ~ October 18th, 2014

First post in a while. Hey! (crickets in the distance.) Yeah, so now I’m actually writing this! (more crickets.) Yay, great. So, now I’m going to be posting more often. Or not, who knows? So, for now, bye!

A Visit to Minneapolis

by Dylan ~ June 19th, 2009

Last weekend, we drove to Minneapolis.

We went to the Mall of America. I played at the Nickelodeon Park.

The next day, we went to T. Danar’s house and I met my friends Luth and Yusuf. I had fun playing with them.

Busy Weekend

by Dylan ~ June 6th, 2009

Friday, I went to the dentist. And then I went to my piano class.

On Saturday, we went to the House on The Rock and then we went to Culver’s for chocolate ice cream, turtle and milk shakes.

My first post

by Dylan ~ June 1st, 2009

Hello, my name is Dylan